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a s i a n g r a p h i c z / . our romantic getaway <33

The New Asian Graphics Dump!!

Asian Graphics - Everything Asian!
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All asian graphics. Icons, wallpapers, blends etc.
..::A S I A N G R A P H I C Z::..
YoroshiQUEEN ~ .}
Hi, and welcome to ASIAN GRAPHICZ. I am onemillionlove, the admin of this community. You can just call me Mika :DD

In this community you are free to post and share your graphics with your friends and the world. Of course there are a few rules I must highlight, and of course, be sure to follow them ~

&. Please comment and credit if you take anything.
&. Please stay on topic. Post only asian related graphics.
&. Please put icon posts under an LJ cut.
&. Three or more icons for teasers, please.
&. No fake cuts that lead to friends locked posts please.
&. Tag your post. *icons, *banners/headers etc.
&. No hotlinking, please.
&. Please respect each other when commenting. Give constructive critisism, not ones that don't make sense and hurt others' feelings.
&. Please make sure all entries are members only!
&. No advertising, please. We accept affliates, so just add me and send a message to apply!
&. Add me if you like, I don't bite :D

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